The Future of Animal Tracking

Solar Powered, GPS Tracker Ear-Tag for Livestock

Technology Breakthrough

  • Solar powered rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 years, no battery replacement required
  • Compact, lightweight, durable, high retention design
  • Hardware includes GPS, accelerometer, and temperature sensor
  • Constantly collects information which is transmitted 4 times per day
  • Doesn’t rely on GSM; not subject to coverage gaps and no infrastructure required
  • No range limitations with global low earth orbit satellite coverage, including all of South and East Africa
  • Bluetooth enabled software updates
  • Suitable for the red meat, dairy, wool, pork and other industries
  • Compliments existing LITS system with built-in RFID

Application and Benefits

Location Tracking

  • Know where your animals are in near to real-time
  • Theft and conflict reduction
  • Automated notifications when animals leave a nominated area
  • Locate animals that have wandered off

Remote Health Monitoring

  • Temperature and movement sensing for health and bio-security
  • Monitor feeding rates for determining rumination or weight gain
  • Notification when animals are in heat
  • Notification when new animals are born
  • Notification when animals die
  • Early disease detection; algorithms in development to issue alerts before any outward symptoms are apparent

Land Management

  • Monitor where herds are grazing
  • Monitor the feeding rate of animals and the impact are they having on the land
  • Gives producers greater control over grazing management
  • Reduced operating costs, increased operational efficiency

Livestock Financial Sector

  • Accurate, real-time asset assessment for financial/insurance product(s)
  • Improved provenance; confirm location and number of animals as well as identification for proof of origin and history
  • Greater confidence for financing, insurance and traceability for export and processing

Available Q3 2021

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