Livestock Identification & Traceability

Traceability is the ability to trace an animal from its birth to its death along with all the interventions that occurred in between such as vaccinations, treatments and movements between regions. It begins with a form of electronic branding; tagging animals with an electronic tag or chip and registering them to their owner. It then becomes a powerful tool that assists with anti-stock theft, food safety, disease control, tracing and management.

RippleNami’s Livestock Identification and Traceability System (LITS) incorporates the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, mobile data collection and data visualization technologies, while keeping it simple and easy to use!

What We Do

  • Powerful, user-friendly solution for livestock identification and tracking using a mobile phone
  • Automatic transmission of data to central LITS database for disease control and animal traceability
  • Model for sustainability by including the private sector and all aspects of the value-chain

How It Works

  1. Read the electronic identification number (EID) of livestock using your integrated RFID readers
  2. Using the rCAPTURE® Mobile App, an unlimited number of users can input new information about the livestock, even when off-line
  3. When cellular or WiFi connection is available, information flows in real-time to the LITS Central Database, rWAVES® mapping application and reports, where the geolocation and complete history of the assets can be viewed

Advanced Technology

RippleNami’s rCAPTURE, Livestock Management Edition

  • Real-time data collection in the field regardless of cellular or internet connectivity
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers transmit the animal’s ID into rCAPTURE via Bluetooth
  • Updates can be made against individual animals, or in bulk against many animals at once for efficiency
  • Requires no manual uploading of data to a computer. Data sync occurs over cellular or internet connectivity when available, eliminating the need for spreadsheets
  • GPS location at the time of the scan is passed to the central LITS database, mapping application and reports for immediate visibility
  • Customizable Data Collection Fields tailored to meet LITS requirements, with an unlimited number of data fields available
  • Workflows provide for automation, such as email notifications when important events are triggered
  • The user interface was designed with experts for ease of use and to fit smart phone space limitations

Our work

LITS Kenya

RippleNami is the technology provider for Kenya’s Livestock, Identification and Traceability System. RippleNami developed the system in 2018 following a very interactive process involving technical officers from Directorate of Veterinary Services, Kenya Veterinary Association and Kenya Commercial Bank Foundation – Mifugo ni Mali program. (Read More Here. The main objectives achieved after implementing the RippleNami LITS are listed include:

  1. Enabled veterinary officers to identify, register and capture the data on animals, animal owners, and premises
  2. Provided a mechanism for disease control and management
  3. Curtailed illegal livestock movement and the rampant cattle theft in key parts of the country
  4. Tracked health records at the point of treatment and monitoring weight gain in targeted animals
  5. Established a new marketplace for tagged cattle opening financial and insurance services against these assets
  6. Provided a mechanism for identifying animal lineage